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Welcome to the Mercyhurst University Mathematics and Computer Systems Department. Please explore this web site and discover what the department, faculty, students and Mercyhurst University have to offer. Along the way you will get to see some of the web-related work of our students.

The department offers degrees in both Mathematics and Computer Systems. The Mathematics program offers a degree in Mathematics and a degree in Mathematics with secondary education certification . The Computer Systems program offers a degree in Computer Information Systems with concentrations in Management Information Systems, Computer Information Systems or Web Information Systems.

We are excited to welcome two new faculty members - Fall 2015

We have a map of the Old Main tower offices.

The host server for this site is maintained by the department (both the hardware and software). The twofold purpose of the server is to assist in the education of our students and to provide information about the department and its programs. If you explore our student work, you may run into the occasional broken link. This happens generally because our students have control of the content that they place on their sites as they learn the various web technologies. As a result they will often move or remove content, thus the broken link.
- - enjoy. . .

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