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Department of Mathematics

ALEKS Math Assessment: Take the Assessment

Incoming Students:

  1. Log on to Mercyhurst Orientation page, and follow the MATH Placement link. If you are a new first-year student, use the same username and password you used when you applied to Mercyhurst.
  2. Then on the Welcome Laker page, click on the Enter the Summer Orientation Portal button, then follow the Take the Math Placement Test link.

Current Students:

If you are a current Mercyhurst student, please use this form to schedule an appointment to take the ALEKS Placement Assessment.


Your Mercyhurst University email:


Have you taken the ALEKS placement before?

What course would you like to enroll in?

When would you like to begin the placement exam? (Please allow up to 3 hours after the start time to complete the exam)

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Will you be bringing your own laptop to take the exam?

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