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Why Mercyhurst?

  • Because of our size and mission, all of our students work closely with experienced and talented faculty. Whether engaging in a cutting-edge research project, receiving guidance on programming projects, or discussing general mathematics homework, the relationships students build with faculty set Mercyhurst's Mathematics and Computer Systems Department apart from other colleges.
  • Our students receive instruction from faculty that are committed to teaching undergraduate students as our primary focus. Use the links at left to explore our various programs, or go directly to our Programs page (leaving our department server).
  • If you wished to explore our current courses with on-line content please visit our Courses page.


What can you do with a degree in Mathematics from Mercyhurst University?

What can you do with a degree in Computer Systems from Mercyhurst University?

Reasons to Study Mathematics at Mercyhurst

  1. A friendly, approachable, caring faculty dedicated to your education, well-being, and future success.
  2. A faculty that is outstanding in the classroom, from first year calculus to senior level advanced calculus.
  3. Small classes. Your upper level courses will typically have approximately 8 - 15 students enrolled, allowing for plenty of individual attention.
  4. Nearly 100% job placement. Almost all of our students obtain excellent jobs in their area of expertise upon graduation.
  5. Internship and Co-op opportunities. These are readily available inside and outside of Erie and have been the pathway to employment for many of our students. Also, those students who are specializing in education have plenty of opportunities to gain experience in the classroom before graduating.
  6. The Mathematics/Computer Systems department offers majors in mathematics and computer systems. Many of the faculty teach courses in both majors. Consequently, we are sensitive to how important it is for all mathematics majors to become as technologically skilled as possible whether their goal is industry, the classroom, or graduate school. We emphasize this in our advising and counsel the students to take as many computer courses as possible. (And we teach these courses.)
  7. Our faculty is actively involved in research. Recent work by the faculty includes articles in the Annals of Applied Probability, the Journal of Stochastic Processes and Their Applications, and Mathematics Teacher and supplement writing for Larson Texts.

Reasons to Study Computer Systems at Mercyhurst

Our faculty teach current technology courses such as:
  • 3d programming and Animation (Alice) Alice is an educational programming language in which students create 3D movies and interactive worlds and games. It employs a special drag and drop environment that makes it impossible to make a syntax error.
  • Web Mapping (GIS) - This course is a survey of powerful, cutting-edge mapping technologies that yield high-quality displays of spatial data accessible via the web. The course could also be considered as a general introduction to web technology.
  • Introduction to Internet Programming (Revised for Fall 2010) This is not a course in web page production or graphic design; but rather an introductory programming course. As a programming class, we will learn to create valid web content using a simple text editor (a strong emphasis on validity and web standards compliance). The focus of the class will be on (X)HTML, CSS, and the apache web server.
  • Server-Side Programming (Revised for Spring 2010) This class will continue building on our programming skills in XHTML, and CSS. We will develop a web application, learning PHP, MySQL.
  • Client-Side Programming JavaScript, Jquery, AJAX.
  • Processing is used as our Programming I course. Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and interactions. It is used by students, artists, designers, researchers, and hobbyists.
In addition,
  • Six of the top ten fastest growing occupations (which require a bachelor's degree, through 2016) are in computer related fields! The Top 10 Fastest Growing Jobs With a Bachelor's Degree (The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • Nine of the top ten "hottest skills in-demand" are skills we cover extensively in our classes, Open Source On The Rise PHP, MySQL top work skills sought (April 2009)
  • Our department houses enterprise-grade servers (RedHat Enterprise Linux and Windows Server 2005), and two computer labs ( Windows Vista and Linux Fedora).
  • Our department is actively involved in a number of inter-disciplinary projects with Intelligence Studies, Forensic Science, Graphics Art, and Communications.
  • Our graduates are pursuing careers as varied as their interests. Recent graduates have gone on to graduate programs in computer science, mathematics, and law. Others use their knowledge and training for work in education and industrial settings.

For more information about the department, the programs, the faculty or activities in the department follow the links found on this page.

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