Student Showcase

CStark computer generated rubix cube

Introduction to Internet Programming

In the Fall of 2014 this course, Introduction to Internet Programming, was taught by Dr. Griffiths. One of the class projects was a student take on the famous css Zen-Garden. The students were to create a CSS file for an existing HTML file that they had no control over. For the results of this work from the last year it ran (Fall 2014), please see: The Mercyhurst CSS Learning Garden.

Earlier years:

Client Side Programming

This is our entry javascript course, see Client Side Programming for a recent version of the course, taken over by Dr. Williams.
My favorite example from the class: Identify all 50 states quiz
A student project, Brian Camodeca's - JQCEPTION

Server Side Programming

Most recently the course, Server-Side-Programming, was taught by Dr. Griffiths.
The final projects are mock store sites created by each students (from srcatch using just a simple text editor) in this course. To keep the playing field level, each student uses the same database for this project. If you wish to look around you may login using
passwd: guest

Computer Animation

In the freshman IDST course student use the software package Blender to create their own animations. Animation is a wonderful mix of mathematics, computing, and any discipline that intersects with movement or story, such as dance, literature, creative writing, sports medicine, film studies, etc. See the Hall(s) of Fame (follow links for other weeks).