Advising Information

Make a plan:

Use Self-Service to manage your degree plan.

Know what's required:

You will be held to the major/minor requirements that were in place the semester you declared your major/minor. You should save a copy of the course catalog from that academic year for future reference. Major/minor requirements for mathematics or information technology, including course descriptions, can always be found on our department website: click here.

And don't forget your REACH courses! You will take two one-credit IMU courses in your freshman year, one BTG credit in your sophomore year, the three-credit ethics capstone in your senior year, and 10 other courses of your choosing during your time at Mercyhurst. Once you've planned for all your required courses (major(s), minor(s), and REACH), you can fill the rest of your schedule with whatever you want! You will need at least 121 credits total to graduate.

Prepare for Advising Day:

Next Advising Day is Tuesday, April 10, 2018!

In November, you will be able to register for Spring semester classes (including Mini 3 and Mini 4). In April, you will be able to register for Fall semester classes (including Mini 1 and Mini 2). About one week before any registration period begins, we have a "day off" called Advising Day. (The Mercyhurst academic calendar can be found here.)

Advising Day is not actually a day off - you will be expected to meet in person with your major advisor. If I am your advisor, I will send you an email letting you know when it's time to schedule your Advising Day appointment (usually about 2 weeks before Advising Day). I will expect you have already planned your schedule using Self-Service before our meeting. Then we can use our meeting to discuss any questions you have, any scheduling problems, and long term plans for your future.

Need more help?

There are so many resources available on campus to help you succeed. You can contact Academic Support (first floor Egan), Residence/Student Life (third floor Egan), and a number of other offices on campus any time you have a question or need help with a problem. If you're not sure who to go to, contact your advisor. Even if your advisor can't help, he or she will know how to find someone who can!