MATH 112 - Trigonometry and Functions - Spring 2017

Department of Mathematics and Information Technology

Dr. Angela Berardinelli

Important Files and Links

  • Syllabus (pdf)
  • Everything else for this class can be found on Moodle

Important Dates for Spring 2017

  • Wednesday, January 18 - First class
  • Monday, January 23 - Last day to add/drop
  • Wednesday, February 8 - Exam 1
  • Friday, March 3 - Exam 2
  • Monday, March 6 through Friday, March 10 - Spring Break (no class)
  • Wednesday, April 12 - Exam 3
  • Friday, April 14 and Monday, April 17 - Easter Break (no class)
  • Friday, April 21 - Last day to withdraw
  • Wednesday, May 10 - Final Exam 10:30AM-12:30PM

Course Description

This course will include a further exploration of functions, followed by additional topics in trigonometry. A student may take MATH 112 without taking MATH 111. The student must have knowledge of the topics listed in MATH 111. 3 credits.

Prerequisites: MATH 111 or equivalent.


Textbook: Trigonometry, by Michael Corral. This is a FREE textbook available here. You can also order a printed copy from the author's website for only $11, if you prefer to work from a printed textbook rather than an electronic copy.

Calculator: Not required. Calculator usage will be prohibited for all in-class quizzes and some in-class exams. Non-graphing (scientific) calculators will be permitted for sections of some in-class exams. Graphing calculators will not be permitted on any exams or quizzes.

Office Hours: The perfect opportunity to ask general questions about course material, specific questions about homework problems or in-class examples, questions about your grade, questions about majoring in math or information technology, etc. My office location and office hour schedule are on my home page. You can also e-mail me to set up an appointment outside of office hours if that suits your schedule better.

(FREE) Tutoring: Free tutoring sessions sponsored by the math department are held several nights per week. Tutors will be able to help you with questions about course content and approaching homework problems. Check out the website for schedule, location, and other pertinent information.

Grading Information

If you have a weighted average of at least... You will earn a(n):
94% A
90% B+
84% B
78% C+
70% C
65% D+
60% D

Your final course grade will be the average of five components: Presentation Grade, Exam 1, Exam 2, Exam 3, and Final Exam. Each of these components is weighted equally as 20% of your overall course grade.