MATH 146 - Programming I - Fall 2017

Department of Mathematics and Information Technology

Dr. Angela Berardinelli

Course Information

Check back closer to the beginning of the fall semester for more information!

Important Dates for Fall 2017

  • Wednesday, August 23: First day of class
  • Wednesday, August 30: Add/drop deadline
  • Monday, September 4: Labor Day (no class)
  • Friday, October 6: No class (Professor out of town)
  • Friday, October 13: Mid-semester break (no class)
  • Tuesday, October 31: Advising Day (no class)
  • Friday, November 17: Last day to withdraw
  • Wednesday, November 22 and Friday, November 24: Thanksgiving Break (no class)
  • Friday, December 8: Last day of class
  • Week of December 11th: Final Exam (date and time TBD)

Course Description

An introduction to computer programming, with an emphasis on the development of good programming habits and skills utilizing Python. Topics will include programming basics such as loops, decisions, lists, functions, file I/O, arrays, objects, classes, inheritance. 4 credits.

Prerequisite: MATH placement score of at least 46.


Required Textbook: We will be using an online textbook published by zyBooks. Your subscription will cost $67 for the semester. More information about how to access the textbook will be provided closer to the beginning of the semester.

Software: All associated software is downloadable for free. More specific information will be provided in class and on Moodle.

Grading Information

If you have a weighted average of at least... You will earn a(n):
93% A
88% B+
82% B
77% C+
70% C
65% D+
60% D