MATH 265 - Transition to Advanced Mathematics - Fall 2016

Department of Mathematics and Information Technology

Dr. Angela Berardinelli

Important Files and Links

All other files will be stored on Moodle for this class. You will receive instructions on how to access Moodle during the first class period.

Important Dates for Fall 2016

  • Wednesday, August 24: First day of class
  • Wednesday, August 31: Add/drop deadline
  • Monday, September 5: Labor Day (no class)
  • Wednesday, September 28: Exam 1
  • Friday, September 30: No class (Professor out of town)
  • Friday, October 14: Mid-semester break (no class)
  • Friday, November 18: Last day to withdraw
  • Monday, November 21: Exam 2
  • Wednesday, November 23 and Friday, November 25: Thanksgiving Break (no class)
  • Friday, December 9: Last day of class
  • Wednesday, December 14: Final Exam 10:30AM-12:30PM

Course Description

This course is designed to facilitate the mathematics student's transition to courses requiring a higher level of mathematical maturity. Emphasis will be on the reading and writing of proofs, and on communicating mathematically - both orally and in writing. Topics will include logic, set theory, functions, relations, and number theory. 3 credits.

Prerequisites: MATH 150 and MATH 171, or permission of instructor.


Textbook: Introduction to Mathematical Proofs, 2nd Edition, by Charles E. Roberts, Jr.

Office Hours: The perfect opportunity to ask general questions about course material, specific questions about homework problems or in-class examples, questions about your grade, questions about majoring in math or information technology, etc. My office location and office hour schedule are on my home page. You can also e-mail me to set up an appointment outside of office hours if that suits your schedule better.

Grading Information

If you have a weighted average of at least... You will earn a(n):
94% A
90% B+
84% B
78% C+
70% C
65% D+
60% D

Your final course grade will be a weighted average of five components: Homework (40%), Discussion Board (15%), Exam 1 (15%), Exam 2 (15%), and Final Exam (15%).

Your lowest three (out of 13) written homework scores will be dropped when computing your final homework grade. There will be an extra assignment in lieu of class on September 30, and this assignment score cannot be dropped.

There will be no makeup exams. Please ensure you will be in class on exam days.