Important Files and Links

All other files will be stored on Moodle for this class. You will receive instructions on how to access Moodle during the first class period.

Important Dates for Spring 2018

Course Description

This course focuses on object-oriented design and programming using data structures such as array-based lists, linked lists, stacks, queues, and trees implemented as abstract data types. 3 credits.

Prerequisite: MATH 146 / MIS 126.


Required Textbook: Data Structures and Algorithms Using Python and C++ by Reed and Zelle.

Software: All associated software is downloadable for free. More specific information will be provided in class and on Moodle.

Office Hours: The perfect opportunity to ask general questions about course material, specific questions about homework problems or in-class examples, questions about your grade, questions about majoring in math or information technology, etc. My office location and office hour schedule are on my home page. You can also e-mail me to set up an appointment outside of office hours if that suits your schedule better.

Tutoring: Tutoring for this course is available at no additional cost for you (already included in your tuition & fees). Go to TutorTrac and sign in with your Mercyhurst ID and password to schedule a tutoring appointment. If you'd like more information about the tutoring center before scheduling your appointment, visit Tutors for this course are excellent resources. They have each taken IT courses with me before and have been approved to tutor for this course by me and the tutoring center staff.

Grading Information

If you have a weighted average of at least... You will earn a(n):
90% A
87% B+
80% B
77% C+
70% C
60% D

Your average score on quizzes and in-class exercises is weighted as 20% of your final course grade. Your average score on programming projects is weighted as 20% of your final course grade. Your midterm exam score and final exam score are each weighted as 30% of your final course grade.