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Class Presentations

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Last modified: 04/19/10 10:47:07
Due: Monday 04/12/10

The Presentations


NEW Homework

Before class on Wednesday, 21st read/skim Chapter 6 Introduction to Shell Script Programming.

Package/program Presenter General Category Time Slot
Aircrack-ng Adam Wright wireless keys cracking program 20 min on Monday April 12th
Audacity Craig Shaffer audio editor and recorder Wednesday April 14th
MusE Scot Bly Music editor Wednesday April 14th
Maya 2010 Anthony Corso ???? Monday April 12th
Mixxx Edvin Dedic DJ software Wednesday April 14th
Latex Satish Shrestha document preparation system Friday April 16th
Shutter Michael Herhal screenshot edit/effects upload Friday April 16th
frozen-bubble Edward Smiley a video game Friday April 16th
Kig Patrick McLain for exploring geometric constructions - similar to geometer sketchpad Monday April 19th
Filezilla Nicholas Morgan FTP program Monday April 19th
GIMP Anna Walzer photo editing Monday April 19th
fakeNES Kenneth Walters NES emulator Monday April 19th

Presentation Details

  1. I want you to find some Linux program/package/application that you think would excite/interest you. Investigate whether it does in fact interest you, then learn how to use said program/package/application (play around).
    Please re-read the above lines, note I say I want you to find some . . ., this determination is part of the project (start looking early).
  2. On the day specified, you will give an informal, short presentation (about fifteen minutes) demonstrating how to use your program (or some particular aspect), and possibly how you have used it, basically a little show-n-tell. If you are working with any files you created, we will want to make them available for others to play as well. I am NOT looking for power-point presentations, I want you to demonstrate and talk about (from your understanding of) your program. If you feel that you will need a little extra time for your presentation (above the 15-20 min) let me know.
  3. I am expecting you to learn how to use this program, and then explain and share the results of your labor with your class mates. Of course we are looking for something that excites you. Yes, you will be graded on this project - if you give me 5 minutes of history about the project your grade will reflect that. But on the other hand I am not looking for you to master a complicated program like blender, kino or the GIMP.
    I am further looking for a level of understanding which will allow you to talk informally about the program. The level of mastery will depend on the sophistication or difficulty of the program.
  4. One more motivation to select your program early is that I will let you choose when you wish to present (your time slot) in the order you contact me with the name of your program. But don't be in too big a rush, pick a specific program that excites you (or you believe will excite you).


  1. You will have to look at the HUGE number of packages available. Chances are there will be something that lines up with your interests. More than likely will be there are several options and you will have to choose.
  2. You can browse the packages available with your distribution for ideas. You can search the web, or you can go to Linux forums and poke around. For example, LinuxQuestions.org has an annual members choice awards for packages in dozens of different categories (see: 2009 LinuxQuestions.org Members Choice Awards ),   also, Linux Online (seems out of date)
    Those of you still on the fence about which distribution to use outside of class: Ubuntu won the desktop of the year, third or forth year in a row (based on user polls)
  3. To be very clear,
    • your choice may be a simple utility that you find very useful. But in that case we will expect complete mastery of said utility, with good examples,
    • if it turns out there are two similar packages competing for your attention you could contrast the two for us (again, only if they have similar applications).
  4. Each of you will grade the presentations as they are made (i.e. you will grade your classmates) - largely the effort component and the perceived level of understanding.
  5. You will have over five weeks to prepare for your presentation, I expect to see five weeks of effort shown in your mastery of the package (this will be about half of your 'assignment' grade). Your grade on this presentation will largely reflect the percieved effort you put into mastering the program.
  6. Last year presentations were made on the following packages: GIMP, Audacity, nmap, Kino, Kodos, Blender, Golden Cheetah, Helix, gftp, F-Spot, gISOMount. Several students chose their particular package because they ended up using it for their hobby or for a project in another class (those were the best presentations).
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