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Course Information

Meeting Times: Monday and Wednesday, 2:00 - 2:50
Location: Main Lab, Old Main Basement
Office Hours: Monday 1-1:50, Tuesday 9:30-11 and 3:30-4, Wednesday 1-1:50, Thursday 9-10, Friday 1-1:50

Course Description

This is a one credit course, designed for: This course will make use of ALEKS, a web-based artificially intelligent assessment and learning system. ALEKS uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately determine exactly what you already know and where you need to improve. As you work through a course, ALEKS periodically reassesses your skills to ensure that topics learned are also retained.


After successfully completing the course, all students will be able to Additional topics may be added for the entire class or an individual student based on student interest and desired placement level.

Required Materials

You will need to purchase a subscription to the ALEKS learning system to complete this course. The cost of the subscription is about $60. No other textbooks or supplies are required, though you will need internet access to work on the course outside of the classroom.

Placement Assessment

At the end of the course, you'll be given an opportunity to take the mathematics placement assessment. If you are a current freshmen, you will not be charged for this exam. Other students will need to pay a $25 fee for access to the assessment for one year. If you do not improve your score to your targeted level, you'll be able to try again by arranging a time with a mathematics faculty member. This assessment score is required to calculate your final grade.

Basis of Final Grade

This primary goal of this course is to improve your placement score. {\bfshape If you successfully improve your math placement category by at least one level at the end of the semester, you will receive an A for the course regardless of your topic exam scores.} If you do not improve your placement level, your grade will be determined by averaging your completed ALEKS topic exams. Your letter grade in this case will be determined by the minimum scores below.


The Department of Mathematics offers free tutoring for students in this course. No appointments are needed, just drop by according to the schedule here. You are free to ask tutors questions on any assigned homework and exam review sheets.

Learning Differences

In keeping with college policy, any student with a disability who needs academic accommodations must call Learning Differences Program secretary at 824-3017, to arrange a confidential appointment with the director of the Learning Differences Program during the first week of classes.

Mercy Mission

This course supports the mission of Mercyhurst University by creating students who are intellectually creative. Students will foster this creativity by: applying critical thinking and qualitative reasoning techniques to new disciplines; developing, analyzing, and synthesizing scientific ideas; and engaging in innovative problem solving strategies.