Data Visualization with JavaScript

Class Examples

Links to examples created in class:
  1. February 5: Basic HTML Structure
  2. February 8: HTML elements, Simple SVG example
  3. February 10: An SVG Bar Graph
  4. February 12: SVG Animation, Paths
  5. February 15: SVG Filled Area Chart
  6. February 17: Intro to JavaScript
  7. February 19: Intro to JavaScript II
  8. February 22: Intro to Raphael
  9. February 24: Intro to Raphael, Part II
  10. February 26: Intro to Raphael, Part III: Events
  11. March 2: Intro to Google Charts API
  12. March 4: Intro to Google Charts API, Part II
  13. March 11: Styling DOM and SVG with JavaScript
  14. March 14: Intro to D3
  15. March 16: Intro to D3: SVG, Text, and Scaling
  16. March 18: Intro to D3: Axes and Events
  17. April 4: Intro to D3: Pie Charts
  18. April 6: Intro to D3: More Pie Charts, Donut
  19. April 11-18: External Data, Updating Charts, Slider
  20. April 20-25: External Data, Creating Input Elements with D3, Displaying New Charts
  21. April 27: Graphs and Networks
  22. May 2: GeoJSON US
  23. May 4: GeoJSON and Data: The best places to live
When you click the links, you'll see the page as we'd intend the audience to see it. If you'd like to review the code, right click on the page (after following the link) and view the source. You may need to turn on developer tools in your browser in order to view the source.


Last Updated: February 14, 2016