Math 170-02 Calculus I

Fall 2017    1:00-1:50 MWF 12:30- 1:45 T Hirt M209

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HW1 Page 12  #7b), 9a),c), 31           Key Key Test 1 Course Description
HW2 Page 24  #3a),29a),b), 35,39 55      Key   Calculus Tutors
HW3 Page 35  #1b), 29 a),b)    
HW3 Page48  #1d),5b),12       Key   WolframAlpha
HW5 Page 48  #16  Key    
HW6 Page 61 # 5b),6a),c),12b),18,26   Key  
HW7 Page 77 #4 all, 14 b)c) ,21     Key    
HW8 Page 87 #9,15,17,32        Key  
HW9 Page 97 #5c),h), 18, 26, 32       Key  
HW10 Page 118 #2 all, 14, 22, 35b)   Key Study Tips
HW 11Page 118 #47      Key Algebra Review Problems
  Algebra Test  versus  Review Problems  
  previous exams Mercyhurst e-mail
  Key Test 1 Final Exam Times
  Key Test 2 WebAdvisor
  Key Test 3 Self-Service
  Key Test 4 Mercyhurst University
Key Final Exam Mercyhurst Portal

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