MIS 260 Network
Spring 2018    Old Main Computer Labs

Section 02 Tuesday, Thursday 2:00PM - 3:15PM

Your Grades The Syllabus
Home Work & Keys Subject to change Projects/Reviews/Links Links Links
HW1  Chapter 1  Due Jan 25 Check due dates of following Chapter 1 ppt Course Description
HW2  Chapter 2  Due Feb 1 Project I Chapter 2 ppt  
HW 3 Chapter 3  Due Feb 8 Project II generic data packet Simple Guide to networks Great overview!
HW4 FTP Homework Due Feb. 27 Project III Chapter 3 ppt  
HW5 Chapter 4 Due Feb 27 Partial instructions for web server Project III Chapter 4 ppt How to make your own network cable
HW6 Chapters 5&6  Due March 13 Partial instructions for FTPserver Project III Chapter 5 ppt How Ethernet works
    Chapter 6 ppt Guidelines and specifications for network cable
    Chapter 7 ppt rj45-utp-guide.htm
    Chapter 8 ppt  youtube How to make UTP cable
  Review for Tests part1 2018   share_permissions
  Review for Tests part 2 2018 - Not in book    
  Simple Guide to networks Great overview! Installing IIS or Apache computing-dictionary Shows OSI 7 layer model
  Glossary Open port 80 for web server techexams  osi model
      CompTIA OSI Model YouTube
  Mercyhurst e-mail Telnet sites      FTP Sites OSI Model & 802.*
  Final Exam Times TCP/IP CSMA/CD & CSMA/CA
  Colleague Self-Service Telnet_SSH_FTP_SFTP Network Attacks
  Mercyhurst Tables & Charts for Networks  
  myMercyhurst  IPv4 &IPv6 Techterms
IPv6 info
  Accounts Virtual Machines picture  Reserved IP
    Virtual disk images Public IP  vs  Private IP
      Masks-Subnets-IP add

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