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TEXT: Understanding Real Analysis by Paul Zorn
ISBN: 9781568814155  ISBN 10: 1568814151  - Available online
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The mathematics major learning outcomes for this course are listed below.  The method of assessment is exams, including the final exam and homework assignments.
  1. Read mathematics;
  2. Write mathematics correctly;
  3. Prove mathematical statements.


To investigate the fundamental concepts of analysis for real functions of a single variable, including
  1. Properties of Real Numbers - Prove properties about the reals and completeness of the reals.
  2. Sequences and Series - Prove convergence and divergence of a sequence.
  3. Continuity and Limits - Prove convergence and divergence of limits using the ϵ-δ definition.
  4. Differentiation - Identify and prove basic theorems about derivatives and their properties.
  5. Integration -  Define the Riemann Integral and use the definition to compute integral values in elementary cases.


The chapters and sections I hope to cover are given below. The estimated time for each is also given. This is not an absolute schedule. Covering fewer topics, but with a better understanding of the real analysis is an acceptable goal.
Chapters and Sections Days
1.8, 1.9, 2.4 7
Chapter 3, 4 sections 12
Chapter 4, 4 sections 15
Chapter 5, 4 sections 15


The main technique used will be lectures. At the beginning of each class I will ask if there are questions from the previous lecture. I encourage you to ask questions as they arise during the class. If you are unable to have your questions answered in class, then see me outside of class. You are welcome to drop in anytime I am in the office or Old Main computer labs.


Homework will be assigned daily and due at the beginning of the second class day after it was assigned. No homework will be accepted at times other than the due time except with a prior valid excuse or under extremely extenuating circumstances. All homework must be done on 8.5 by 11 inches paper only with straight edges. Do not turn in homework torn from a spiral notebook without trimming the ragged edges! Problems must be numbered. try to be organized and neat as possible. You may not use red ink or red pencil. Any homework turned in that does not comply with these conditions will be ignored.


The homework will be scaled at the end of the term so that perfect homework total is worth 100 points. There will be three class exams (tentative dates are; Feb. 13, Mar. 22, and Apr.26) and a comprehensive final exam  May 10, 10:30-12:30. Each exam is worth 100 points and the final is worth 120 points. Your final grade will be assigned by taking your total accumulated points, dividing by total number of possible points (520)and multiplying by 100%, wherever this resultant fits in the table that is your final letter grade.

Each class exam (not the final) will consist of an “in class” and a “take home” part. For the “take home” you can get help from your book, notes, and texts in the library or the internet. No discussing or getting help from you fellow students or faculty. No asking the question on the internet. This is an honor system method, any evidence of not following the rules means a zero on the “take home” part.

Any student who is caught cheating during an exam, as a first offense, will receive 0 points on that exam. Students with a second offense of cheating will receive the grade of "F" in the course. 

Although I will not formally check attendance, I do expect you to attend class. Since I do not ordinarily give make-up exams, only the most serious reason constitutes an excuse for missing an exam.

Percent 100-90 89-85 84-80 79-75 74-70 69-65 64-60 Below 60
Grade A B+ B C+ C D+ D F


The schedule is tentative and can be modified at any time if needed. While every effort will be made to adhere to the syllabus, I reserve the right to amend the syllabus when deemed necessary. The student is responsible for noting of any changes, which will be announced during class periods. There is no extra credit possibility for this course on an individual basis. DO NOT ASK! If I decide to use the extra credit option it will be available for the entire class.


The following class room behaviors are not acceptable at the University, and will not be tolerated.

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