Math 146 - Programming I - Spring 2017

Department of Mathematics and Information Technology

Mercyhurst University

Suggested Homework

When we finish a section in the book, you should immediately begin working on the homework problems from the list below.

         Chapter 1 Suggested Homework
         Chapter 2 Suggested Homework
         Chapter 3 Suggested Homework
         Chapter 5 Suggested Homework
         Chapter 6 Suggested Homework
         Chapter 7 Suggested Homework
         Chapter 8 Suggested Homework
         Chapter 10 Suggested Homework

Other worksheets:
Function Practice - Can you write these functions and give the output of code that uses functions?

Nested Loops - Can you give the output of code involving nested loops?  Can you write code using nested loops?

Practice with Classes/ - Can you write a Fraction class?

This "homework" will not be collected – it is designed to give you practice with the material we cover in class.  Just as an athlete or musician must practice in order to improve, you as a programmer must go through the repetition of homework problems in order to learn.  Working through these problems will help you understand the details of programming with Python.

Make sure you keep up to date with the homework and ask questions if you are having trouble.  Do not ignore a problem that you are struggling with.  If you are having trouble with a topic, please come talk to me during office hours, ask questions in class, or seek help from a classmate.  I encourage you to get help sooner rather than later, as confusion and problems tend to escalate quickly.  Don't wait until after the exam/the end of the semester when nothing can be done.  You are expected to try to work on all problems on your own first – when coming to office hours, be prepared to show me what you've already tried.

The following files give the solutions for all the True/False and Multiple Choice questions from each chapter:

        Chapter 1 Solutions
        Chapter 2 Solutions
        Chapter 3 Solutions
        Chapter 5 Solutions
        Chapter 6 Solutions
        Chapter 7 Solutions

        Chapter 8 Solutions
        Chapter 10 Solutions